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Marine Corps Terms and Definitions

Marines have to learn the correct terms for many things, sometimes it is almost like a whole new language. Below are a list of some of the terms used by Marines also what each term, or word means.

Able target-The round bulls eye target
Aboard-on base
Alice pack-field pack worn by Marines.(all-purpose,lightweight,individual,carrying,equipment)
All hands-everybody
As you were-resume activity
Aye,aye-Acknowledgement of an order.
BFA-Blank Firing Apratas blocks the gas from the blank and uses it to cycle the bolt on the weapon. Without it the weapon would fire once and not cycle a new round into the chamber.
Blouse-acket of the uniform.
Blues-Dress blue formal uniform.
Boondocks-Swamps,small towns,middle of nowhere(also called boonies)
Boot-Recruit,or new Marine.
Brig-jail,or prison.
Bunk-Bed(also called "rack".)
Camies-camouflage uniform.
Carry on-same as "as you were".
CG-commanding General.
Cheese dick-a Marine who whines,or (also see "no load,"shitbird",or "taliban")
Chit-a small piece of paper,or recruit money.
Chow down-to eat
Click-one notch of a rifle sight,or one kilometer.
CMC-Commandant of the Marine Corps.
Colors-American flag,also the ceremonies of raising the flag and lowering the flag.
Corpsman-Navy medic who serves with Marines, also called "doc".
Cover-Marine corps hat.
Deuce gear-782 gear,equipment carried by Marines.
D.I-Drill Instructor.
Ditty bag-a caring bag for misc.items,also called a war bag.
Dog and pony show-special drill
Double time-running.
Fart sack-a fixed sheet that goes on your rack.
Field day-cleanning the barracks.
Float-sea deployment.
FMF-Fleet Marine Force.
FTS-fuck the suck,what Marines say when they are mad at the Corps.
Grinder-parade deck.
Grunt-Marine Infantryman.
Gung ho-highly motivated(Chinese for pulling together).
High-and-Tight-standard marine haircut
Hooch-a 2 man tent
Hump-march,or hike.
MCT-Marine Combat Training.
IG-Inspector General.
Jarhead-a Marine
Leatherneck-Another name for a Marine.
Liberty-Authorized absence up to 96 hours.
M16A2-basic Marine weapon.
M60-belt fed automatic weapon.
Maggies drawers-means you missed the target at the rifle range!!
No load-a Marine that doesn't carry his weight,or a fuckup(also see shitbird)
PFT-Physical fitness test
Pogey bait-candy.
PX-post exchange,a store on base.
Quarters-living space.
Rack-bed(also see "bunk")
Rappel-to descend by rope.
Round-bullet,or shell.
Scuttlebutt-gossip,rumors,almost always bullshit!!
Seabag-large canvas bag for hauling you gear.
Secure-to stop,lock up or put away.
Semper Fi-short for Semper Fidelis,Latin for always faithful,the Marine Corps motto.
Shitbird-a Marine that does'nt care or is sloppy.(also see "no load")
Sick bay-medical center.
Smoking lamp-if it is lit you can smoke,if it is out you cant smoke.
Snap in-Practice firing on the range.
SOP-standard operating procedure.
Sound off-shouting very loud!!
Squad bay-Large room where many marines live.
Squared away-neat,good Marine.
Squid-Navy person(also see "swabbie")
SRB-service record book
Swabbie-Navy person.(also see "squid")
T-day-B day.
Taliban-Islamic extremist assholes,talk big but in fact are pussies!!(see also "cheese dick","no load",or look up coward on the Internet.)
UA-unauthorized absence.
Unk-unqualified on the rifle range.
War belt-cartridge belt used to carry equipment.
The word-confirmed info.

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