:: Medal's and Decorations ::


No Chevron-   Private                                    E-1
             Private First Class                   E-2
             Lance Corporal                         E-3
             Corporal                                    E-4
             Sergeant                                   E-5
             Staff Sergeant                          E-6
             Gunnery Sergeant                    E-7
             First Sergeant

             Master Sergeant                       E-8
            Master Gunnery Sergeant        E-9
            Sergeant Major                          E-9
            Sergeant Major Of The Marine Corps
*This is the highest possible rank for enlisted*



                                                 Second Lieutenant      O-1
                                                            First Lieutenant           O-2
                                                   Captain                         O-3
                                                     Major                            O-4
                                                     Lieutenant Colonel      O-5
                                               Colonel                           O-6
                                                      Brigadier General         O-7
                                    Major General             O-8
                       Lieutenant General    O-9
          General                     O-10

Warrant Officers

      Warrant Officer       W-1
      Chief Warrant Officer 2     W-2
      Chief Warrant Officer 3      W-3
      Chief Warrant Officer 4      W-4
      Chief Warrant Officer 5      W-5

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