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We all know its important to keep those care packages coming to them. They love to receive them, but have you ever noticed that each time you go to put one of them together it gets harder and harder? You never know what to put in there and might end up feeling from time to time that you always put the same thing in them. On this page you will find some simple items to add in his care packages, things that he will need and be of use of. Also, we have some 'Themed' care packages as well, and better yet information on how to get some shipping supplies for free!

Sending food items- it can be a tricking task. Just keep in mind where they are. Think of how long its going to take your package to get there, things will melt in certain environments and over a period of time. If some things might melt, or spoil, you might want to re-think about sending it. If they are the middle east and will be moving quite often, don't send them things that they are going to have to lug around.

Shipping-We mentioned earlier that you can get some shipping supplies for free. Using USPS Priority Mail packages arrive in the Sandbox on average in 2-3 weeks. Order your USPS Priority Mail supplies from the USPS website, they'll deliver the items to your home (all free).  When you get to the website, on the left hand side where it says “Browse Store,” click on shipping supplies and you can browse through business or personal use and choose the size of boxes you want, which forms you will need, etc.


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