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This can all be very confusing when you are first going through this. Bootcamp is obviously the first stage to becoming a Marine. Wether you are a Wife, or Girlfriend going through this it can still be a bit overwhelming. Below are sites to the Office Marine Corps Recruit Depot. These sites will let you know what your future Marine will be going through at Bootcamp. They also provide Training Mixes that gives you a day to day schedule of what they will be doing.These links are great resources to keep on hand.

You can also visit our Bootcamp Basics page for more Bootcamp information.

Official Website of MCRD Parris Island- http://www.mcrdpi.usmc.mil/

Official Website of MCRD San Diego - http://www.mcrdsd.usmc.mil/

This is an unofficial website for MCRD San Diego of graduation information compiled by a former marine. Semper Fi!  http://www.usmcgradsandiego.org/

This is an unofficial website for MCRD Parris Island of graduation information compiled by a Marine mom! Semper Fi!  http://www.usmcgradparrisisland.org/#

Funding is available for family members to attend bootcamp graduation! Here is the information!


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