Journals – Great for Deployments!

On 12 July, 2012, in Cafepress Shop, by Administrator

Journals are wonderful for deployments! No.. Really they are!

Journals are great to keep your every day thoughts in while your sweetheart is away, and the way they can be used in doing that varies. Some tell their feelings, rants, vents, day to day life, and things that they are just going through and experience throughout the deployment. Others, can use it as a way to feel like you are actually being able to talk to your SO (Significant Other). Writing in the journal as if you are speaking to him – it kind of makes it seem like he is almost there and able to keep up with your day to day life, and something else to keep in mind if you are comfortable in doing this you can also send the journal to him or show him when he gets home.

We have tons of Journal designs for you to choose from, but isn’t it better to have something a bit more personal? After all, this is a journal we are talking about here, those are suppose to be personal right? :)
Why not get a Custom Journal? Get something that means more to you, add some pictures, names, sayings, quotes, anything you want! Why not? It doesn’t cost extra! All Custom Orders done at our shops are at NO Extra Charge. Why not take advantage of that!