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Welcome to the Deployments Catergory. In this section of our blog you will find many articles and resources that will pertain to Deployments. Theses posts will help you while you are going through a deployment, preparing for a deployment, learning to cope, things to keep you busy, and much much more. Feel free to read the articles in this section and leave comments!

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  1. Filespnr says:

    Neat site. I have been writing about some of my adventures in the Marine Corps on my blog.

  2. Christina says:

    I am a marine girlfriend, but I haven’t actually been with him in person yet. We video chatted all the time before he got deployed at the end of June. He was supposed to come visit me. He had leave approved and everything. Then they deployed him. I’ve been holding on with all my might to the promise that he’ll be home again soon and in my arms. What can I do? The easiest thing I’ve found is trying to watch videos on youtube that remind me of him, listening to songs that remind me of him, and looking at his picture.

    • Hi Christina –

      I know it’s such a difficult time for you. Looking at those things can help and its good to do that, but it can also make you a lot worse. I mean it as in it’s not something you want to keep on doing and making yourself even more miserable. Try and get into some stuff that is going to keep you busy. I don’t know if you are in school or working, or even doing both. But, anything to keep you busy helps. It makes the time go by quicker and keeps your mind occupied. Have you tried keeping a journal? That helps tremendously! At least, that helped me a lot!


  3. Dru Murray says:

    I am the girlfriend of a marine who is soon to be deployed. The months he’s gone are some of the worst times of my life. Yet when he’s here, it’s like everything bad instantly disappears, and I’m brought back to life. Do you have any helpful hints that will get me through those hard times?

    • Hi Dru!

      Have you tried keeping a journal? I know it may sound silly, but i really worked for me. I would keep a journal while he was away and literally i would write in it every day. It really helped me, i use to write in my journal as if i was talking to my Marine, i would be able to just talk about my feelings and even things that i did everyday, it really helped me a lot. That is something i would strongly suggest, i mean i would just give a try and see if it helps you. The other thing i would say, is just to stay busy. It helps the time go by faster to keep yourself busy. I hope this helps! :) but really try the Journal idea!!

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