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Welcome! – USMC GALS.com has a new blog!

We are just setting this up so please bare with us as there may not be much at the moment. BUT we are working very hard on getting the blog up along with some other new things. We are re-doing the entire site of usmcgals.com. Making a new layout and adding tons of new things so be sure to check back soon!



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  1. Karin says:

    hey gals! i love your website. well my brother is a Marine and right now he is overseas. I am a 7th grader and i look up to my brother. My mom and i are going to do a food drive in out neighborhood. I was wondering if you gals good give me a list of things that the Marines need?

  2. Morgan says:

    I love the new website! I was just looking at the USMC like page on face book and wondered where all the blogging went! (haha) I really love coming on here and knowing I am not the only one going through all this alone. My fiance is deployed right now and it has been hard but the tips you posted have helped keep me positive! Only 85 more days!!!


    • Hi Morgan!
      Aww thanks! So happy that you like the site! We are still getting the blog together so give us a few weeks and we will have a lot more on here :) I hope to get some posts out tomorrow on some things. Do you by any chance have any suggestions??

  3. Morgan says:

    I personally do not know much about being a spouse in the military and I will be shortly so I am trying to learn as quickly as possible. I would love to see anything on the “ins and outs” and I am going be attending graduate school next year so I dont know if there is funding or help out there for us. Pretty much I need all the help I can get maneuvering in this new lifestyle!

    Thanks! :)


    • Maddie says:

      Hi Morgan! Once you are a military spouse, there are different scholarships out there you can apply for. Also, there is something called “Military OneSource.” On there, you will find what is called MyCAA. It gives military spouses up to a certain dollar amount to go towards a degree. Hope this helps you :) My husband recently got out of the USMC, but I’ve been with him since the beginning of his career so I know quite a bit…definitely not everything haha, but I know some stuff :)

  4. Paige says:

    Hi everyone!
    This is a great website and I can’t wait for it to take off. My boyfriend is at MCT as we speak in North Carolina and I am so proud of him! We have been talking about getting engaged and I just wanted to get some feedback on the future after MCT, and how difficult it is on a girlfriend/fiancee..?

    • April says:

      HEY first congrates to you and your boyfriend. i remember those days it was pretty cool. but life after his schooling kinda depends on where he gets orders to and how his command treats him. it could go really well for him aannd then it couldnt.. I really hope he gets somewhere better than my boyfriend got. we got together a year before he left for bootcamp.highschool sweethearts.(hes been in for 4 years now) but when we got engaged the officers above him had all been either rescently been through or going through a divorce so they did everything they possibly could to get in our way and i dont need to get into detail but it ended up really getting in between us not only them but we were young and didnt really know how to talk things out like we should have but we broke up and then got back together a year later so it ended up ok but just remember you both need to TALK as much as possible about everything! dont make the mistake we did thinking we were saving the other from to much stress. and for YOU.. being understanding that he wont always have the time to talk that youd like. find anything you can to fill up your day so your not just sittin around miserable missing himso much and blowing up his phone and letting your mind go crazy with “what if”s you KNOW arent true. lol its happened to the best of us. being a marines girl is the toughest test of trust, communication, understand, and love you will ever know. if you can make it through that you can make it through anything. and NOTE: the first like 3-4 years for him are the toughest so in turn itll be the hardest for you too. it does get a little better though you get used to it and form a way to cope and thingsto do during your day. im not gonna tell you that it gets easier cause it doesnt. it just gets better. and hey if ya love him itll be well worth the wait in the end. Best of luck to you! :)

      • April says:

        Oh and if you ever wanna ask questions or just talk about it you can email me at southernangel11@gmail.com i remember how scared i was not knowing and i didnt have anyone to talk to and all the forums i saw back then were all wives that seemed forget what it was like being just the gf/fiancee. lol anyway again besst wishes :)

  5. Keri says:

    I met my boyfriend through my best friend about 5 months ago. We started going out a little over 3 months ago, now he’s being shipped off to North Carolina in a week. (He’s been in 29 palms, CA for the last 6 months which is 6 hours from where I live.) I just want to be able to support him as much as possible. If there is anything that particularly helped your marines feel loved and more comfortable please share! I know it sounds crazy but even after these few months I know he’s worth waiting for,

    • Erica says:

      Hi! I’m definately no pro at this but my husband and I have been married almost five months now. He is stationed in Cali and I’m stuck 23 hours away from him! We have only been together a total of about four weeks since we got married. The distance definately takes its toll but you just have to remind yourself (and him!) that it won’t last forever. It helps us to talk about all the things that will happen once we do get to see each other. It’s not much but I hope it helps!

  6. Keliey says:

    My husband is moving to oki and I’ll be joining him after my schooling. I was wondering what can I bring to Japan? Whats allowed and whats not allowed?

  7. Dr. R. A. Clapsadle, MSgt USMC(ret.) says:

    You have an error on the hymn.htm page.

    It reades: Copyright ownership of the Marines’ Hymn was vested in the United States Marine Corps per certificate of registration dated August 19, 1991 …

    The correct year was 1919 – NOT 1991

    Semper Fi!

  8. AquariumBubble says:

    I was wondering if you would take a look at a presentation I put together to help those who have questions about the Marine Corps Ball (i.e. what happens, why they have it, what to wear) and give me some feedback.
    Thank you.

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