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Welcome to usmcgals.com

usmcgals.com is a Community for Girlfriends, Wives and Fiancees of Marines. We have been around since 2003 and are one of the most popular website/support groups out there. We provide you with a lot of information to help you with this lifestyle. Our information helps you better understanding the Marine Corps, your SO's job, offers you tips on how to handle deployments, offers a place for support and much more. Eventhough we cater more towards supporting Marine Wives, Girlfriends and Fiancees. We do support all military SO's. Our shops, Our Blog, and Our graphics section does have many many things for other branches of the Military. So dont just turn away just yet, take a look around there is something here for everyone!

We provide a place for Girlfriends, Wives and Fiances to come together and support one another. We share experiences, help each other when someone needs questions asked, we are there for each other. Any Marine Wife or Girlfriend knows that the best people to help you and understand what you are going through are the ones who have been in your situation and have experienced first hand what you are going through. That is why we have our group. So if you feel like you need some support and would like to make long lasting friendships please feel free to join us!

News & Updates

New site look! We updated the look of the site and added tons of new pages. We also now have a blog! Be sure to check everything out!


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